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Information Links

Links to sites containing information on migration and general legal advice


Migration Agents Registration Authority

Regulatory authority monitoring the conduct of Australian migration agents. 

A copy of the code of conduct for migration agents can be downloaded from their website or here in Adobe pdf format.

Australian Department of Immigration

Information on applying for visas, citizenship, fees, download forms, language and translation services

Migration Institute of Australia


Australasian Legal Information Institute

General reference site on Australian courts and laws

Foundation Law Australia - Law - Legal - Community

Australian legal portal

Redfern Legal Centre

Community legal centre giving extensive legal advice on everyday matters

Language Resources

AUSIT_ Australian Institute of Translators & Interpreters

National Australian professional body for translators and interpreters.  This website provides a list of accredited translator to translate official documents for visa applications.

John Benson Accredited French Translators & Interpreters

Offering French<=>English accredited translation and interpretation services