Benson & ClaytonJ.A. BENSON LLM

MARA Reg. no.0001738 

W: (02) 4422 1687
F:  (02) 9012 0441
M:     0423 106435

Free Phone Consultation

What we charge


An estimate of fees is provided after a FREE initial consultation.

Majority of work is completed for a flat fee.  


Spouse and Intended Marriage Visas  $3,000
Business Visas $3,000
Student & Parent Visas  $1,000
Regional Skilled Migration $3,000
Regional Sponsored Migration $3,000
Apprentice Migration $1,000
Any required Skills Assessment add: $1,000

Prospects for Educational Assistance and Employment charged at hourly rate of $150.

Fees are exclusive of disbursements.


First conference : $200 per hour/as per set Scale/as per costs agreement.


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